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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Tamil films and serials

Those who watch Tamil films regularly know that a willing suspension of disbelief is definitely called for. Heroines and heroes running around trees and prancing in parks, all in the name of romance, are so common, that we have become inured to the ordeal.But there are some absurdities one simply can't digest.
Here are some scenarios we often come across in Tamil films. The heroine, after a one-night stand in with the hero, is on her way to expecting a visit from the stork. She promptly faints at a wedding or some other gala bash. (Notice how the heroine never faints unless there is an audience of a few hundred people at least.) A doctor, who is among the invitees, (there always has to be a doctor among the invitees) feels her pulse and says"Congrats, you are going to have a child!" I wonder which medical school he went to! It's not just the poor doctors who are portrayed so ridiculously. The lawyers are too.
Look at this scenario, so common in Tamil films. The hero is in the dock accused of murder.The corpse is missing, and the case is proceeding only on the basis of circumstantial evidence. Just when the judge is about to pronounce his sentence, in comes the man supposed to have been murdered, and says," No stop! I am X, and as you can see I am very much alive. The poor chap is innocent. Release him." Thereupon the judge acquits the accused!


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